Chapter 16 - Kill Steal.

A few minutes ago.

Three figures were crouching behind a bush while looking at the Wild Bear not far from them.

''Tom, are you sure about this?'' A young man with short blond hair asked with some uncertainty.

''Luke, trust me! This will be an easy kill.'' Tom said with a confident expression. He was a slightly taller man with brown hair.

''I-I am not too sure about this... What if someone kill steals it?'' A young woman next to them asked. She had long brown hair, with average-looking face, and leather armor.

''Jess, have some faith alright,'' Tom said with a grinning expression.

Jess and Luke sighed.

''If we die... We will become Level 1 once again, and we can't play for another week... We will be left behind others by a great deal.'' Luke tried to talk some sense.

Tom snorted, ''If we kill the Bear, we will Level Up, and get a lot of White Coins.''

Jess and Luke wryly smiled— once Tom decides to do something, he will do it.

''Let's sneak attack and deal as much damage as possible. Rest will be easy.'' Tom said and left the bushes.

Jess and Luke followed behind him, they dodged every twig on the ground, so they won't make even slight noise.

Tom was holding his sword in an attacking stance.

He and Luke were swordsmen, while Jess was Healer.

Jess was holding a green-colored cane which she could use to heal others.

Tom and Luke were standing next to each other, and only 5 meters away from the Bear.

Tom showed three fingers towards Luke.

Then he lowered one finger, and now he only showed two.

Then he lowered another one, and now he showed only one.

And then he lowered the last finger, and both of them leaped to the air.

''RAAA!'' Tom shouted madly and chopped his Iron sword down.

Luke attacked the Bear's neck as well because neck and head gives critical damage.ᴘᴀ ɴ ᴅᴀ n ᴏ ᴠᴇʟ

The Bear heard a loud shout, but then he felt two sharp items stabbing his neck.

''GRAAAAAAAAAA!'' The Bear shouted madly.

[-25 HP]

[-25 HP]

[HP: 20/70]

The Bear turned his mad red eyes towards Tom and Luke.

''One more!'' Tom shouted, but then the Bear's paw appeared above him.

''LOOK OUT!'' Jess shouted.

Tom did a sidestep, but Bear used his paw to slap him away.

''UGH!'' Tom groaned in pain and crashed to a nearby tree.

[-39 HP!]


[Level 6]

[HP: 19/58]

''JESS, HEAL ME!'' Tom shouted.

Jess turned her cane towards Tom, and the tip of the cane started glowing on the color of green.

''Heal!'' Jess shouted.

[+15 HP]


Tom stood up and rushed towards the Bear.

Luke was desperately trying to dodge the Bear's paws, but his luck ran out, and the Bear used his paw to smash Luke to the ground. pᴀɴda nᴏvel

[-41 HP]

[HP: 16/57]

The Bear was about to finish him off, but then Tom appeared behind him.

''RAAA!'' Tom stabbed his sword deep on the Bear's back.

''RAAAAAAAAAWR!'' The Bear madly roared and started twisting his body, which sent Tom flying a few meters.

[-15 HP]

[Omega Wild Bear]

[Level 8]

[HP: 5/70]

Both Luke and Tom were down on the ground, and only 5 HP remained on the Bear.

''JESS, HEAL ME!'' Tom roared.

His HP has lowered by Bear's hit as well.

[HP: 8/58]

''I-I can't. It is on cooldown— wait for 10 more seconds!'' Jess cried out with a pale face.

''WE DON'T HAVE 10 SECONDS!'' Tom cried out and saw the Bear stomping towards him menacingly.

''D-Damn...'' Tom muttered.


''Ah!'' Tom cried out and felt something hit the back of his head.

He looked confused, but then his body turned into pixels.

[You Have Been Killed By Player Wraith!]

Luke and Jess were shocked. panda-novel,c,om

Tom suddenly died!



Two rocks left the forest and hit Luke on the forehead.

[You Have Been Killed By Player Wraith!]

''L-Luke...'' Jess went pale and started retreating.

The Bear looked confused as well, but then he heard Jess' voice.

The Bear turned his menacing red eyes towards the brown-haired girl.

But before he could take another hit, suddenly a rock hit his head.

''RAAWR!'' The Bear felt anger, but then his body turned into pixels.

Jess fell down on the ground on her butt.


A sound of a twig getting broken behind her was heard, but then she felt a cold item touching her head.

''Sorry about this.'' She heard a male voice.

p ᴀɴ da-n ᴏv el *BANG*

A hole appeared on her forehead, and her body turned into pixels.

[You Have Been Killed By Player Wraith!]

Isaac sighed and looked at the messages in front of him.

[You Killed Player TomValeo!]

[60 XP Earned!]

[You Killed Player LukeShining!]

[60 XP Earned!]

[You Killed Omega Wild Bear!]

[120 XP Earned!]

[You Killed Player JessicaH]

[60 XP Earned!]


[Level 5 -> Level 6]

[Name: Wraith]

[Level: 6]

[HP: 65/65 - Leather Armor Effect!]

[XP: 0/700]

[SP: 10]

[White Coins: 200]

[Title: None]

[Class: Marksman]

[Legacy: None]

[Legacy Rank: No Legacy]

[STR: 13]

[AGI: 25]

[VIT: 25]

[STA: 22]

[PRE: 45]

[CHA: 10]




[Friend List]

[Log Out]

Isaac grabbed three pairs of Leather Armor from the ground and 2 Iron Swords, and a green-colored cane.

[Healer's Cane (White)]

''Ahh...'' Isaac was quite disappointed, but he planned to sell it anyway.

He also grabbed the item he got for killing the Bear.

[Omega Wild Bear's Meat (Common)]

Isaac's nametag became completely orange.

''Orange...?'' Isaac finally saw it.

''It came from the player-killing, I guess...'' Isaac scratched his head— he can't return to the village with an orange nametag.

''Well, since I can't return... Time to do my Quest.'' Isaac said aloud and put the Quest Interface in front of him.

[Hunt The Adult Wolf!]

[Difficulty: Level 7-10]

[Reward: 100 White Coins - Relationship with Kulos will improve]

[Time Limit: 1 Week]

*Ding* *Ding*

Isaac heard a dinging noise— he put his Interface on and saw a blinking red spot on his Map.

This time the Map didn't only show the Swornword village, it also showed the Forest, and there was a blinking red spot on it.

''I guess there is the Wolfie....'' Isaac murmured and saw that he had to go deeper into the forest to reach the Wolf.

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