Chapter 24 - Obsession.

''Alright, everyone!'' A masculine voice came from a muscular man in front of the cave.


A nametag floated above the muscular man with full iron armor, an iron sword, and an iron shield.

Isaac recognized him.

He saw him in the Weapon Store once.

Everyone went quiet and waited for Kornelius' words.

Few of the players present has seen Kornelius fighting, and they definitely don't want to become his enemy.

Kornelius nodded after getting everyone's attention, ''I know all of you want to be the first one to try the Solo Dungeon.''

Most of the players nodded.

They can't risk anyone else getting the First Clear.

''But there are dozen of us, and only one can... So I have a suggestion.'' Kornelius said and stopped talking for a moment to let his words sink in.

Everyone waited for Kornelius' following words.

''It's a simple suggestion, we will vote, and the person who gets most votes will be the first one to enter, and you cannot vote for yourself,'' Kornelius said with his stoic voice.

The Players nodded and thought that it was a good idea.

Hellsky, WinterLove, and SnowMaiden started discussing with each other who to vote.

While Isaac grimaced.

'Sneaky... He has friends around the place, doesn't he...' Isaac narrowed his eyes.ᴘᴀ ɴ ᴅᴀ n ᴏ ᴠᴇʟ

Isaac thinks that Kornelius suggested this because he has friends and allies voting for him.

So he is confident that Kornelius will win the vote.

''Wraith, we decided to vote for Hellsky— who are you voting for?'' SnowMaiden asked innocently.

''I will vote for her too,'' Isaac replied.

SnowMaiden smiled, ''Thank you.''

''Alright!'' Kornelius clapped his hands.

''Make a line and tell your vote!''

The Players did a line in front of Kornelius.

Hellsky, Isaac, WinterLove, and SnowMaiden was in the middle of the line.

''I will give my vote first,'' Kornelius said and used his sword to write in the cave wall.

He wrote [LucasKulo]

The first player in the line was a player with that name, but he didn't look surprised by his decision.

''Alright, next!'' Kornelius shouted.

LucasKulo appeared in front of him and said, ''Kornelius.''

Kornelius nodded and wrote Kornelius and one line next to it.

The second person came and said, ''Hellsky.'' pᴀɴda nᴏvel

p ᴀɴ da-n ᴏv el Kornelius didn't change his expression— he wrote Hellsky and one line next to it.

That second person stepped aside and took a look towards Hellsky and hoped that she noticed him.

But her attention wasn't on him— instead, she was talking with Isaac and the rest.

The third person walked towards Kornelius and said, ''Kornelius.''

It went back and forth, and soon it was Hellsky's turn.

The score was currently Kornelius 7 and Hellsky 6.

''Wraith,'' Hellsky said with a smile.

Kornelius wrote another name and added one line.

Hellsky left the line and winked towards Isaac.

Isaac smiled, even though he won't win the vote no matter what he does.

WinterLove was the next one, and she, of course said, ''Hellsky.''

SnowMaiden after her did it as well.

And then finally was Isaac's turn.

Kornelius looked at him, and he thought it was strange for Isaac's skin to be so spotless... Even Hellsky and others had their faces slightly dirtied because of the fighting, but Isaac's face is almost shining.

''Hellsky,'' Isaac said.

Kornelius was brought of his stupor and was shocked hearing his voice. panda-novel,c,om

'He is a boy?! What kind of sorcery is this?' Kornelius with a shaky hand, added one more vote for Hellsky.

Score was now Kornelius 7, Hellsky 9.

Only 3 players were left.

Isaac walked next to Hellsky and crossed his arms.

'Three votes for Kornelius...' Isaac thought with narrowed eyes.

The first person said with a smile, ''Kornelius.''

Kornelius put one more line next to his name.

The second person appeared in front of him and said, ''Kornelius.''

Another line.

And finally, the third person said smugly, ''Kornelius.''

Kornelius put another vote next to his name with a smile.

''Voting is over— come here to see the results!'' Kornelius shouted and stepped aside.

Everyone went to see and saw that Kornelius had 10 votes and Hellsky 9.

''I guess I am the first one, any objections?'' Kornelius asked.

Hellsky, WinterLove, and SnowMaiden sighed and went to sit in their previous spots.

All the players nodded their heads and stepped aside.

The cave was now wide open.

The cave was pitch black, and the sound of the wind was blowing.

It looked very creepy, but Kornelius didn't look afraid.

'This is only easy Dungeon... The First Clear will be mine!'

Kornelius grabbed his shield and sword tighter and entered the cave.

A message popped up in front of everyone.

[Player Kornelius Has Entered Solo Dungeon Swornword!]

[Max Players: 1]

[Completed: 0/100]

[Difficulty: Easy]

Isaac sat next to SnowMaiden, and sighed, 'I wouldn't have gone first... Way too risky, but I guess greed blinded Kornelius... He seemed smart man, but maybe he has enough confidence in his strength to clear the Solo Dungeon.''

''Wraith, I must ask you, what kind of skincare products do you use?'' Hellsky asked curiously.

She is envious of Isaac's perfect skin.

WinterLove's and SnowMaiden's eyes sparkled— they wanted to know as well!

''None,'' Isaac replied— he has never used and never will.

He thinks that it's way too girly to use one, and he doesn't want to look like a girl.

''What?!'' They exclaimed, and they felt even more envious.

SnowMaiden touched Isaac's cheek and giggled, ''Soft.''

''Is it?'' Hellsky got curious and went to the other side of Isaac and touched his cheek.

''So soft...'' She used both of her hands to feel Isaac's cheeks.

WinterLove appeared in front of Isaac and started touching his skin as well.

Now Isaac's cheeks was assaulted by three beautiful women. Was he enjoying this?


He puffed his cheeks which made him look even more adorable.

The three girls licked their lips and felt something... Dangerous awakening in them...

A look of obsession was replacing their gentle eyes.

''That's enough,'' Isaac said and took their hands away.

They looked disappointed, but they felt even more obsessed now.

''U-Umm, girls, a talk?'' Hellsky said with rough breathing.

SnowMaiden and WinterLove followed behind her with blushing faces.

Isaac was rubbing his painful cheeks, ''Oww....''

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