715 It's a Nuisance To Be Too Strong

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To summon a Dharma 100,000 meters tall, 99% of the powerhouses at the peak of the Celestial Realm could not do it!

The leading three-horned demon and the painted-skin demon were also shocked by the Dharma statue before them.

Before the two could recover from their shock, they saw a giant leg shining with silver light suddenly flying toward them.


The giant-like Thunder God Aspect kicked out without warning.

Even though its body was huge, its movements were not clumsy at all.

The two Celestial demons reacted in time, and they dodged the attack.

However, when the giant leg passed, the energy stream it brought up still caused the demonic Qi in their bodies to surge, and they faintly felt as if they were about to evaporate.

Compared to them, the hundreds of demons in the Human Immortal Realm and the Earth Immortal Realm gathered behind them were not so lucky.

The giant foot was like an oar that sailed across the sea of the universe, and it crashed into the center of the demons.

The demons didn't have time to dodge at all, and several dozen were instantly kicked to pieces, turning into a mist of blood.

Thanks to the demonic cloud formation's protection, the demons that had exploded into a mist of blood did not die.

However, the power of lightning was like maggots in their bones, tangling with their energy and consuming it.

By the time the effects were removed, and their body was formed again, they were only left with 20 - 30% of their peak state.


With one strike, Lin Qiye had made dozens of demons in the Human Immortal Realm and even the Earth Immortal Realm lose their combat power.

The demons finally realized they had underestimated this unremarkable human from the very beginning.

"What's up with that guy?"

"Didn't the intelligence say he had just reached the Human Immortal Realm a month ago? I'm afraid this power is already at the peak of the Celestial Realm!"I think you should take a look at ραΠdαsnovel.cοm

"We can't beat him! How can we possibly be his match with our puny strength?"

The demons were in chaos. Even the two Celestials were trembling in their hearts. They didn't dare to confront Lin Qiye head-on.

"Report the situation immediately. That guy's potential is too terrifying. We can't let him leave alive!"

The highest-ranked painted-skin demon sent a voice transmission to the three-horned demon with a gloomy expression.

"Don't worry. I've already spread the news. King Tuo Ni is on his way here. He can't escape."

The three-horned demon sneered.

Hearing this, the painted-skin demon was slightly stunned, and then it could not help but reveal a sinister smile.

"Everyone, listen up! Wait for reinforcements! Don't fight Lin Qiye head-on! Keep him busy, and don't let him escape!"


Under the command of the two Celestials, the group of demons fleeing in a panic calmed down. They continued to dodge Lin Qiye's attacks and harass him at the same time.

Lin Qiye couldn't help but feel annoyed.

Now that he had released 10% of his power, his combat strength would reach the peak of the Celestial Realm shortly.

It shouldn't have been difficult to deal with this group of demons, but the demonic cloud formation was a bit troublesome.

His Immortal Eye couldn't enhance the Dharma 100,000 meters tall. When he chased the demons, it was like chasing a group of mosquitoes.

Each strike could injure them heavily or even directly kill them, but the demons just had to buzz around him. He couldn't quickly cause an effective attack.

Lin Qiye shook his head slightly.

"It's also troublesome to have a heaven-defying technique... I'm so strong, but in the end, these guys are so trashy that they're not worthy of me..."