716 Trying to Kill Lin Qiye?

"This is so f*cking annoying!"

He looked at those 'petite' demons flying around him.

Lin Qiye cursed under his breath. After wavering for a few seconds, he quickly decided to change his target. He would kill everyone he caught first.

He locked onto an unlucky fellow who flew past him again.

His mental power locked onto it, and the giant palms suddenly closed.


The powerful impact caused a series of sonic booms. The clouds and mist within a radius of ten miles were blown away.

At the center of the two giant palms, the demon attacked was turned into mud on the spot, and its divine soul was annihilated under the lightning's impact.

The demons were stunned, but Lin Qiye did not stop what he was doing.

He was no longer disturbed, and each time he attacked, he would only focus on one demon.

With its giant body and absolute power, every single demon targeted could not hold on for even a second. Their escape routes were quickly blocked, and they turned into a bloody pulp between his palms.


Ear-piercing explosions rang out continuously, and with each sound, an insufferably arrogant Immortal Realm demon would die on the spot.

In the distance, General Wei and the others who had rushed over to hunt the foreign being saw the giant Dharma statue killing the Immortal Realm demons as if it was swatting flies.

The corners of their mouths twitched, and they were so frightened that they almost turned around and ran away.

"Sh*t! Is that guy someone that can be dealt with by humans?"

Some Earth Immortal Realm Practitioners could not help but feel their legs tremble.

"I think we'd better go back first. Look at that guy. He killed an Earth Immortal Realm demon with one slap. Who can withstand it?"

"No, I'm not going to die."

Listening to the discussion of her subordinates, General Wei and the others did not look too good.

ƥαṇdα- ηθνε|·ƈθm

They had agreed that they could only succeed. Failing wasn't an option. In the end, before they even started, they were already so scared they didn't dare to move.

"I think we should take our time to think about this. Let's first report the situation and wait for Lord Emissary to decide."

The face of the white-haired elder of the Wang family twitched a few times. He did not want to risk his life.

General Wei glanced at the muscular man beside him, Commander Ji, and the latter nodded at her. Immediately after, she took out a specially made communication device, recorded the situation in front of her, and chose to send it.

While waiting for the reply, the group hid near Ocean City, but they didn't expect that the city had not been reduced to a paradise for demons as they had imagined.

Several Earth Immortal Realm Practitioners were about to check it out when a few middle-aged strong men in the same uniform suddenly flew out of the city.

"Captain Zhou, Captain Liu?"

The few military personnel in charge of reconnaissance were slightly stunned when they saw the group who had arrived.

Captain Zhou and the others who came out of the city were also surprised and excited.

"It's the captain!"

"Our reinforcements have arrived! Hahaha!"

Captain Zhou and the others saw more than a dozen Practitioners in the distance whose auras were no weaker than City Lord Wang's. They were all overjoyed and immediately went in their direction.

Soon, the two sides met.ραпdα `nᴏνɐ| сom

Other than the captain who met them, the first person who caught Captain Zhou's attention was the highest-ranking officer stationed in the southern warzone - General Wei.

Although she was one of the few female members of the military, General Wei's name was well-known.

Captain Zhou, Captain Liu, and a few others were especially familiar with her subordinates.

"Greetings, General Wei! Greetings, milords!"

They bowed respectfully.

General Wei nodded and scanned with her divine sense. She couldn't help but frown slightly.

"What's the situation in the city now? Why are there only a few of you?"

Captain Zhou did not dare to disobey. He quickly replied, "General, the demons came menacingly. Everyone was worried that we couldn't resist them, so some retreated first."

"Evacuate? Did they escape with City Lord Wang?"

General Wei did not use the word "retreat" but "escape."

When she said this, she didn't hide the fact that she was looking at the Wang family elder beside her.


Captain Zhou did not dare to hide anything. Just as he was about to explain the situation, the Wang family elder suddenly coughed.

"Alright, let's talk about this later. We have a more important mission now!"

Seeing the Wang family elder step in, General Wei looked at him coldly but did not say anything more.

Indeed, the task at hand was the most important. As for the other problems, she had no way to solve them, even if she could figure them out now.

"You guys have been guarding here all this time?"

Seeing that the atmosphere was not harmonious, the muscular man, Commander Ji, stepped forward and asked Captain Zhou and the others.

"Yes, Sir."

They looked at General Wei and replied honestly.

"What's going on with the foreign being over there? Why did it suddenly appear in Ocean City?" Commander Ji continued to ask.

Captain Zhou and the others were stunned.

Foreign being?

They looked in the direction of Commander Ji's finger and immediately saw the silver giant that held up the sky and earth.


Captain Zhou looked at the group of big shots in front of him uneasily. He suddenly started to doubt himself.

What foreign being? Wasn't that his benefactor, Lin Qiye?

Commander Ji frowned. "What, you can't tell me?"

General Wei also turned to look at him.

"What happened? Tell me everything you know."

Seeing that his highest-ranking officer had given the order, Captain Liu quickly said, "General, are you misunderstanding something? It's not a foreign race fighting against the demons right now."