717 Trying to Kill Lin Qiye?

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"Not a foreign being?"

The high-ranking personnel from the southern warzone's headquarters focused on Captain Zhou and Captain Liu.

Instantly, the two felt even more pressure, and their foreheads could not help but sweat.

"General, although I don't know what's going on, the one fighting there shouldn't be a foreign race."

"That's right. Mr. Lin saved me once. I wouldn't mistake his aura."

Hearing this explanation, the group was instantly shocked.

"What? You're saying that the guy over there is a human?"

"Are you kidding me? If he's a powerhouse of the human race, how could there be no record of him in the database?"

Captain Zhou and the others felt their hearts could not take the intense gazes of the big shots. They answered with great difficulty, "General, we don't know the exact situation, but he really is a human. He might even be the Lin Qiye from the recent rumors!"

Captain Zhou and the people who stayed behind had almost all heard about what was happening in Ocean City.

The residents' prayers for the "God Ye" Lin Qiye could still be heard even when they went to the top of the city wall.

Most people on the team did not know who Lin Qiye was, but General Wei's expression changed slightly.

When she arrived, she felt that the Dharma power was similar to Lin Qiye's recorded data.

She didn't expect to get confirmation from her former subordinates.

"Are you sure?" General Wei stared at Captain Zhou.

"There's no mistake. Our benefactor once killed millions of demons in station No. 185. The aura at that time was the same as now!" Captain Zhou answered honestly.

At this moment, the others also recalled that they seemed to have heard Lin Qiye's name before.

"Lin Qiye... Are you talking about the young man who died together with dozens of Immortal Realm demons in Star City?"

"Yes, it's him!"

The few people beside Captain Zhou quickly chimed in.

"Hmph, do you think we're fools? I know Lin Qiye's ability. He is at the peak of the Human Immortal Realm at most! If that guy over there were him, my brain would be filled with paste!"

An Earth Immortal Realm cultivator sneered.

Captain Zhou and the others broke out in a cold sweat and did not dare to refute.

"Lord Emissary has replied. He'll be here soon. We'll have an answer about whether that guy is of a foreign race," Commander Ji glanced at his communicator and said to the crowd.

The emissary will come as well?

Captain Zhou and the others were shocked. That man was the highest commander in charge of the entire southern war zone!

His combat strength was so high that even an ace at the peak of the Celestial Realm could not last more than half a minute in his hands!

There were rumors that he had once slaughtered a demon race that had a Half-Supreme on the off-world battlefield!

But now, that person had come to this small city.

There must be an unusual reason for this, and it was very likely to be related to the foreign bring they were talking about.

However, weren't they referring to Lin Qiye?

Or was it that they had made a mistake?

Was Lin Qiye, fighting the demons, actually a foreign being in disguise?

At that moment, Captain Zhou and the others were no longer certain of Lin Qiye's true identity due to the large-scale operation of the southern warzone's higher-ups.

At this moment, a dull collision noise suddenly rang in everyone's mind.

They could not help but look in that direction.

"What's the situation?"

"Experts are fighting!"

A few Practitioners with sharp senses looked solemn.

The source of the sound wasn't Lin Qiye and the demons. Instead, it came from the north, slightly to the east.

The distance was extremely far, and it had exceeded the limits of everyone's perception.


Another muffled sound was heard.

A wave of energy swept past, causing everyone's hair to stand on end.

"This power is..."

"Lord Emissary!"

General Wei, the Wang family elder, and Commander Ji were all shocked.

Is someone actually fighting with the emissary?!

Everyone gasped in shock.

The southern warzone emissary was a super expert who had killed a Half-Supreme.I think you should take a look at ραΠdαsnovel.cοm

Didn't that mean his opponent was at least Half-Supreme?

"Could it be an expert from the demon race?"

"What do we do now?"

When their leader was suddenly attacked, the group instantly panicked.

"Don't panic. Lord Emissary's divine might is unparalleled. Even if an expert from the demon race were to make a move, they would most likely be killed."

"For now, we should keep an eye on the situation here. We can't let that foreign being escape."

They could not interfere in the battle between Half-Supreme experts and could only change their target to the battlefield where Lin Qiye and the demons were.

Although they didn't dare to attack directly, tracking from a distance wasn't a problem.

ραndαsΝοvεl ƈοm

While everyone watched Lin Qiye's battle with the demons, the fight happening in an unknown area in the distance also separated Lin Qiye from the demons.

"F*ck, these demons have reinforcements?"

Lin Qiye stopped chasing the demons. He was a little shocked when he sensed the energy fluctuations in the distance.

However, he quickly calmed down.

The two energy fluctuations that suddenly appeared were not any weaker than the king of the sky-devouring demon clan.

They were opposing each other. One belonged to the demon race, while the other was indistinguishable. However, there was no evil Qi in it, so it was definitely not of the demon race.

Lin Qiye had read the information regarding the powerhouses in the southern warzone on the practitioner's forum.

On the surface, the strongest person was the southern warzone's emissary, Meng Tu.

He had once killed a Half-Supreme and was famous for his strength.

He was the human race's guardian.

Other than that, the demon race had also sent a powerful expert to the southern warzone - King Tuo Ni.

As he was an enemy race, the humans had very little information on him.

The reason why they knew of his existence was because of a great battle that broke out fifty years ago.

At that time, the territory of the southern warzone was almost twice as large as it was now.

King Tuo Ni had yet to arrive at the southern warzone to assume his post.

In a regular battle, the demons used some unknown method to cause the billions of corpses on the battlefield to disappear.

Then, a terrifying existence like a Demon God appeared on the battlefield.

That day was a disaster for the entire southern warzone.

In less than a day, all the legions on the first front line were annihilated, with no survivors.

The Demon God became famous in one battle and called himself King Tuo Ni.

In the demon race, only the most powerful and could lead multiple clans were qualified to be given a title.

After this battle, the demon army, under the leadership of King Tuo Ni, advanced straight in. In less than a month, they had occupied half of the territory.

In the end, Heavenly Court Island received the news and sent its experts to suppress the situation.

That was how they managed to stop the demon army and severely injure them. The demons had not launched any large-scale attacks for the past few decades.

However, in the past ten years, the demons had been getting restless again. The southern warzone had been gradually infiltrated by demons.

The border was also moving inward.

Hence, the upper echelons of the Star Alliance had sent Meng Tu over to guard the place.

Meng Tu and King Tuo Ni had never fought head-on before. Both were famous, but no one could accurately say who was stronger.

Realizing that the two people fighting in the distance were most likely Meng Tu and King Tuo Ni, Lin Qiye couldn't help but shiver.

He glanced at the group of demons not far away.

This place was not the outermost area of the southern warzone. Logically speaking, it was unlikely that the top powerhouses of the demon race would appear here.

However, the guy suspected to be King Tuo Ni had come to Ocean City.

Could it be that he had come for him again?

This wasn't Lin Qiye being paranoid. The demon's target was obviously him.

The most important thing was that, since the incident in Star City, he had felt that the demons seemed to have the ability to predict the future.

Many plans had been prepared in advance, and he was caught off guard.

It was the same this time.

They had been preparing for Ocean City's crisis a week before Lin Qiye returned from his journey.

However, he had only been in Ocean City for two days, and the demons had launched a full-scale attack. The number of troops they sent was disproportionate to Ocean City's defense.

It was too abnormal to kill a chicken with a sledgehammer. It was impossible they were doing this merely to take Ocean City.

Therefore, Lin Qiye had reason to suspect that the demons might have foreseen something in the future and wanted to surround and kill him.