5 She Will Get Married Twice...

Elder Lu's younger son, Lu Chen, was a polite person. He was an obedient son and brother, but his wife was quite mischievous.

Initially, they lived in their ancestral town where Lu Chen was supporting his brother by handling business. A few years ago they moved the whole family to the city as elder Lu missed his younger son and grandchildren.

With elder Lu angry, the temperature in the room seemed to drop. Zhao Shuang tried to calm her husband.

Su Hui sat there with her head down. She didn't dare to look at elder Lu as her sons were at fault.

Lu Chen gave his wife a displeased look, as he was quite upset with his wife for saying inappropriate things in front of his father. He knew what was going on in her mind, but he couldn't do anything to stop her; she never listened.

After a few minutes of silence, Ning Jiahui asked her husband Lu Jinhai, "What about your best friend, Jiang Peizhi and his family? Are they coming or not?"

Lu Jinhai offered his wife a smile as if saying, 'thank you' for breaking the ice.

"Yes, dear. Jiang Peizhi is coming along with his family. It delighted him to hear about the event and he is eager to meet everyone. He has already arrived in China with his wife and will attend the celebration."

Lu Jinhai was happy as he would see his friend and his family after a long time. With this, the atmosphere in the room became normal.

"Brother, how are their kids. It's been eight years since I saw them. Both of them must have grown up a lot, by now," asked Lu Chen.

Lu Jinhai nodded, "Both of them took after their parents and Jiang Peizhi told that both his kids will stay in China from now on."

When the elder Lu heard about the Jiang family, his anger subsided, and he gave attention to the discussion. When they mentioned Jiang Peizhi's kids, he said, "I missed Jiang Yuyan. It's been a while since I saw that child. She must have become a wonderful lady like her mother."

Elder Lu recalled the memories of the past when all the kids used to play together in the Lu mansion. Those were the blissful moments of his life and a smile painted on his lips, remembering it again.


At the same time in Jiang residence.

After finishing breakfast, Jiang Peizhi, the man of the house, was reading a newspaper, and his wife Mo Ruolan was instructing the servants about how the rooms would be set up.

After coming back to China, both husband and wife were busy decorating their new home. Finishing her work, Mo Ruolan went to the living room and sat beside her husband, Jiang Peizhi.

Mo Ruolan looked tired as she said, "The kids will arrive in China in two days. I hope I'll be able to complete the decorations before they arrive. I want them to be comfortable in this house."please visit panda-:)ɴᴏᴠᴇ1.co)m

"Don't worry. Everything will be done in the given time." Comforting her, Jiang Peizhi put the newspaper aside and looked at his wife to ask, "Why did you insist on calling Jiang Yuyan and Jiang Yang back to China, suddenly? Why did you want them to work and study here in China?"

This sudden barrage of questions startled the Mo Ruolan.

Collecting herself, she replied, "I-It's…nothing! I just thought it was time for them to come back to their home country as I don't want them to spend their lives in a foreign land. It would be better for them to get familiar with everything here and adjust themselves accordingly. Anyhow, Jiang Yang was coming back to China to stay here forever, and I don't want Jiang Yuyan to stay there alone."

Jiang Peizhi smiled, seeing how his wife spurted out everything in one breath and caressed her hands to calm her down.

"Dear, I want to know the real reason. It has been twenty-six years since we are married. I know you very well. You never did anything without reason. Whatever it is, just tell me."

As he insisted, clearing her throat, Mo Ruolan replied hesitantly, "Two years back, when I came to China for my friend's daughter's wedding; I went to the temple with one of my friends. She was going to meet Master Si Xia to show her son's birth card, so I too did the same and showed him our kids' birth cards. Everything about Jiang Yang was fine but—"


There was a long pause after her last sentences. Jiang Peizhi couldn't help but ask her," Is there something about Jiang Yuyan?"

Mo Ruolan nodded lightly, "I know you don't believe in these things, and neither do I, but you know how the heart of mother works."

"I know, and I'll try to understand your reasoning. So, tell me now," Jiang Peizhi assured her.

"When I showed Master Si Xia our daughter's birth card, he said, her life is complicated."

She stopped and Jiang Peizhi asked, "As In?"

"When she will turn twenty, her life will take a huge turn. It will affect her greatly, that it can either make her or break her. Her life will depend solely on her decisions. Her happiness and sadness are in her own hands, and nobody can meddle or help her. Her stars show that she would be a powerful and renowned person in the business world. And..."

She trailed off while Jiang Peizhi was ready to hear each word attentively.

"And what?" he asked.

"Master said, she is a moon, and there are two suns around her."

Jiang Peizhi couldn't get it. "What does this mean?" he asked, confused.

Mo Ruolan looked at him carrying worried expressions and replied, "She might get married twice."