9 Drinking Coffee And Making A Child Are Different Things..

At the Lu Mansion.

The black car arrived at the gate. Both the handsome man and his assistant got down from the car. Butler of the mansion, Xu Dui bowed to the man and led the way to the mansion. As they crossed the main door, they heard a pleasant and cheerful voice.

"My dear grandson! Finally, you are back!"

It was grandma Zhao Shuang's voice. She was standing in the living room, looking at him with a warm smile.

As the handsome man saw her, he stepped in her direction with a smile on his face and hugged her.

Grandma hugged him back and asked, "Lu Qiang! How have you been? It's been a week since I last saw you. I missed you." Her eyes were filled with happiness, and her face had a smile stretched from ear to ear.

"I missed you too, grandma!" Lu Qiang said with the same feeling of happiness.

Assistant Xiao Min bowed to her and said, "Good morning, Grandma."

"Good morning, Xiao Min," she greeted him back.

Lu Qiang looked at him and said, "Xiao Min, you can head back to your home and take a rest." The other bowed and took his leave.

After Lu Jinhai's accident, Lu Corporation was in a mess. At that moment, Lu Qiang took charge of everything.

There were so many people in the company who opposed and created problems for him, but just like his father, he was not an easy person to deal with.

Lu Qiang had followed his father's work since he was young. Despite dreaming of being a soccer player and having no interest in business, Lu Jinhai had nurtured him to prepare for the future and eventually that paid off. He was an obedient and a filial son and learned about business and the people he might have to deal with in the future.

A handsome and talented young man, obviously, it was because of the perfect genes from his parents. He was loving, caring, and protective towards his family, but at the same time cold to the outsiders. Anyone could see the difference in his behavior with his family and others.

The man of few words and in the company, everyone feared him even more than chairman Lu Jinhai, as he had to take some strict actions to deal with troublemakers when he took charge of the Lu corporation in his hands. Everyone called him the devil in the disguise of an angel.

"Grandma, where is the old man?" Lu Qiang asked, his eyes carrying a teasing sight.

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Before grandma could answer, they heard a loud and from the door behind Lu Qiang.

"You rascal! Who are you calling an old man? I am young enough to give you a few more uncles and aunts, ask your grandma."

Grandma just rolled her eyes thinking, 'When will he stop being shameless?'

'As expected of my grandfather," thought Lu Qiang.

The butler, a man in his late fifties, couldn't help but feel choked.please visit panda-:)ɴᴏᴠᴇ1.co)m

Elder Lu had just come back from his morning stroll. In his white t-shirt and grey track pants, he looked younger than his actual age. When he reached the door, he heard Lu Qiang calling him an old man. His expressions changed as he thought, 'How dare he call me an old man in front of my woman?'

When Lu Qiang saw him, he walked towards elder Lu. "Grandpa! How are you?" he asked with a smile to make up for making him angry, and they hugged each other.

Every person in the mansion heard elder Lu's loud voice as they came out of the room to check on things and to grab their breakfast.

Lu Jinhai spoke as he came downstairs, "Who made my father spill out his golden words early in the morning?"

Saying, Lu Jinhai stepped towards his son and hugged him. Both were about to talk after a hug when they heard elder Lu's voice again.

"Do you want my golden words to become true?" Asking this, elder Lu looked at his son and then walked toward his wife.

Smiling Lu Jinhai, replied, "I don't have any problem with it if the mother is ready." Then, he looked at his mother to see her reaction, which did not disappoint him.

Zhao Shuang poked her elbow in elder Lu's stomach. "Are you planning to betray me and bring a mistress to this house?"

Her words startled elder Lu. "W—what are you saying? When did I say that?"

"Then what was the meaning of the words you said before? As you know, I am not in a condition to help you make your golden words come true."

Lu panicked. "No, darling. I can't even think about it. You are the only one for me," He said with an innocent expression on his face. Looking at his son, he gave him a frightening glare as he called him a 'rascal' in his mind.

Lu Jinhai smiled mischievously while looking at his father as if replying to his gaze: 'like father, like son'.

Everyone was used to see this 180-degree turn in elder Lu's behavior when it came to his wife, so they just smiled.

Ning Jiahui hugged her son. "You must be tired. Go, get fresh and come downstairs for breakfast."

Nodding, when Lu Qiang was about to leave after greeting his uncle and aunt, Ning Jiahui's sight crossed across the stains on her son's white shirt, and she asked, "Wait! What happened to your shirt? It looks like you spilled coffee on your shirt."

Lu Qiang lowered his face to look at the stains on his shirt and replied with, "Mmm..." having an invisible smile on his lips.

"Can't even drink a coffee properly and I was expecting to have the great-grandchildren from him." Came the words from elder Lu.

Lu Jinhai looked at his father and countered, "Drinking coffee and making a child are both different things, father."

Elder Lu shook his head and what he said next left everyone speechless, "Nope, it isn't different! I am afraid he might have a habit to spill everything out just like coffee."