18 As You Wish Grandpa!!

Everyone sighed in relief when Lu Lijun left the room. It scared them that the old man would say something scandalous in front of the little guy.

Leaning back into the chair, Lu Qiang sat back and closed his eyes.

"What are you thinking about? Are you going to use my blessings or not?" elder Lu didn't pay attention to the tense reaction of his grandson.

"Grandpa, can you not speak of great-grandchildren for a single day? At least not in front of Lu Lijun?" Lu Qiang asked annoyingly.

"I am getting closer to my coffin with every passing day, and you want me to wait? Give me a deadline, and I will not utter a single word until then," elder Lu said furiously, his pitch rising. This was the tone he used when things were not in his favor.

The word 'coffin' made everyone go silent instantaneously. No one wanted to hear it as they loved the old man. He could be lewd, but that didn't mean that they cherished him any less.

Lu Qiang, too, went silent and swallowed the words he was about to say. After all, he may not show his affection, but he really loved this perverted old man.

"Done with the overacting, honey?" Zhao Shuang asked with her usual calmness. She knew that her husband was the king of drama and didn't think much of his words.

Coughing to hide his embarrassment at being caught, elder Lu stared at his wife.

'How does she catch me every time?' elder Lu wondered.

"Don't try to torture him emotionally," Zhao Shuang continued. "Neither are you having any health problems, nor are you dying anytime soon. You're healthy enough to survive another hundred years."

"Darling, how can you be so harsh with me? I am just asking for great-grandchildren… nothing else. This time, I will not listen to anyone." elder Lu looked at Lu Qiang and asked, "Are you going to listen to me or not?"

Opening his eyes, Lu Qiang pinched the bridge of his nose, and with an exhausted expression, he said, "As you wish, Grandpa."

"Then, take this with you," Elder Lu's face was filled with satisfaction. He pointed at the white packet and urged his grandson to take it with him.

"As I told you, I don't need it," he said, annoyed.

"Why? Are you sure you can please the wild cat and create little kittens faster without its guidance? There are ways to get fast results in it." elder Lu didn't even bat an eyelid as he uttered the shameless words.

This shocking claim made by elder Lu too stunned the others and they thought, 'How can he say this in front of us with no hesitation?'

Lu Qiang didn't resist his urge to stop his grandfather. "I don't need this outdated material. I have a more advanced copy."

"Really?" Elder Lu looked delighted to hear it.

Zhao Shuang: 'These two are impossible.'

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Lu Jinhai: 'That's my son,' he thought proudly.

Ning Jiahui: 'My son, don't be like your grandpa.'

Lu Chen: 'Brother, why did you stop me?'

Su Hui: 'I can't hear it anymore.'please visit panda-:)ɴᴏᴠᴇ1.co)m

"Tomorrow is your wedding anniversary," Lu Qiang continued. "I'll gift you a copy so that you can enjoy this precious moment in your married life. Forget these old things."

Lu Qiang turned to look at his grandmother with a pleading look that asked for her forgiveness. The other just nodded, assuring him that she was okay with this method of shutting the old man up.

The eyes of the others bounced from Lu Qiang to elder Lu, to finally land at grandma Zhao Shuang. They recalled the young man's previous words and stared silently at the woman, amazed.

'Let me hide somewhere,' Zhao Shuang thought, even though she was not showing her embarrassment on her face.

"Don't let your imaginations run wild," Grandma said, as she returned the gazes of her two sons and daughters-in-law. "We are too old now."

The four just nodded with hidden smiles on their faces.

Butler Xu Dui was about to come in when he heard the conversation and headed back to the kitchen. He made no noise as he retreated and praised his decision in his head. 'I am good in the kitchen.'

Zhao Shuang looked at her husband and said, "Finally, there is someone in our family who can surpass you in your shamelessness."

"He's my son, after all. He inherited my genes," Lu Jinhai said with pride.

Annoyed, Ning Jiahui looked at her husband. "Is it really something to feel proud about?" she asked with a sneer.

"Yes! As long as he can beat my father," Lu Jinhai winked at his wife to show his intentions.

Elder Lu frowned, "How dare you try to take credit from me? You all are smart because of me. Even your faces resemble mine. Check in the mirror." Elder Lu looked sharply at his son.

Realizing that he seriously offended his father, Lu Jinhai coughed. "You are correct, father."

"But father, my husband doesn't resemble either of you. I always wonder who he took after." Su Hui's inquisition startled the elders.

Lu Chen was equally surprised. He was puzzled over the suddenness of the question but involuntarily touched his face and thought, 'Really?'

Upon hearing the question, the elders' faces turned ashen. They couldn't utter a single word to reply but stared at each other.

"Lu Chen takes after our great-grandfather," Lu Jinhai blurted as he saw the startled expression on his parents' face.

Su Hui was glad to have the information but looked like she wanted to know more.

"Lu Chen resembles him perfectly. A good son and a good brother. Great grandfather was a nice person," Lu Jinhai continued.

Recovering from his daze, elder Lu cleared his throat and said, "I am glad one of my sons took after my grandfather."

Lu Chen simply smiled. "That's great to hear," Su Hui said.

Lu Qiang observed the strange reaction of his grandparents. He saw their restless faces but didn't think much of it.