20 Heading To The Same Destination..

At Lu Corporation. At 10.30am.

The employees made way for Lu Qiang when he arrived at the company. He didn't pay them much attention as he stepped towards the direction of the elevator which was opposite to the building, only meant for VIPs.

The office building was one of the tallest corporate structures in the capital. It was covered in blue glass from top to bottom and had the logo of Lu Corporation at the top. The premise was luxurious and showed off the lofty status of the company.

The interior of the building was decorated with white and a combination of grey and beige undertones. The employees were impeccably dressed and the furniture exuded the original vibe of the company.

Lu Qiang entered the elevator to reach his office on the twentieth floor. On his floor, the receptionist and his assistant Xiao Min waited to greet him and follow him into the office. No one was surprised that they didn't receive a greeting back, as it was usual behavior for their boss. Lu Qiang sat behind his desk and looked at the big stack of documents that awaited his attention. The work had piled up when he was away for a week.

"We have a meeting with the department heads at 11:30 am. At 1:30 pm, a lunch with the business head of Ning Group. Then, a meeting with the marketing department at 3 pm about our current project in country Z." Xiao Min explained as his boss looked through the documents.

As he worked, a knock came from the door. A beautiful woman in her late thirties entered the office with a file in her hands. With a polite smile on her face, she greeted him, "Good morning, President Lu." She looked at the assistant and greeted him, as well. Having finished with the greetings, she turned to the boss and began speaking of the matter she was there for, "These are the latest designs for the diamond jewelry line we plan on launching this season."

Lu corporation had various subsidiary companies and businesses. The jewelry business was one of the most profitable businesses of Lu Corporation.

Yu Fan was one of the most trustworthy employees working for Lu Jinhai. She had joined Lu Corporation fifteen years ago and did her best for the company. She was a quick-witted and talented person who had helped Lu Jinhai in his business. While Lu Jinhai was bedridden for half a year from the accident, Yu Fan and Xiao Min's father who was Lu Jinhai's assistant stood as the two pillars which supported Lu Qiang in his endeavors. The trust Lu Qiang had in Yu Fan was no less than his father.

Her black and white dress fit perfectly over her curves, and her high heels added an air of elegance to her noble appearance. She had long brown hair and beautiful features that made her attractive despite her age.

"I'll take my leave first," she said softly and spoke no more, willing to let the busy man do this work in peace. She bowed and left.

Time passed by as he went through the documents. Lu Qiang attended the meeting at 11:30. He approved some of the proposals made and gave his feedback on them. The meeting went on for one and a half hours, and it was soon after that he left for his lunch meeting. The lunch was arranged to take place at a famous restaurant in the city, 'The Chef's Kitchen.

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At the same time at Oriental Plaza Mall—one of the luxurious malls in the city.

"What do you think about this suit, little sis? Don't I look dashing in it?" Jiang Yang carefully looked himself over in the mirror as he spoke the words. They were inside men's formal clothing store.

"Yes, now make haste. It's already been an hour since you tried all of this. It won't matter what you wear, as you can't change what you have," Jiang Yuyan stifled a tired yawn. She was lounging on a chair, observing her brother for the past hour.

"I am making up for the next few hours that I will waste following you around," Jiang Yang said, still observing himself in the mirror.

"I won't need much time. I look good in everything I wear," she retorted.

"Really? Let's see," her brother challenged.

They paid the bill for the suit and left the showroom. Next, they entered a store that was directed at women. Unlike what her brother expected, Jiang Yuyan took little time to pick what she needed. She had a good idea of what exactly she wanted, and she didn't deviate from the plan.

"You finished quickly," Jiang Yang grumbled. "I thought you would take as long as me."

"You would have taken less time if you didn't wear the same suit repeatedly, and stare at yourself in the mirror." She scoffed.


"It's called loving yourself, sis!" He tugged at his collar with pride.

"Show some love to my stomach, brother Yang. I am starving! I wasted all my energy on you." She looked utterly drained of energy at that moment.

"Yes! There is a famous restaurant called 'The Chef's Kitchen' nearby. My friend told me about it. Let's go!"