28 Hiding A Devastating Truth...

When the elder Ming and his son Ming Yusheng left the dining table, tears rolled down from Zhang Jie's eyes. Picking up the invitation card from the dining table, she looked in the direction of the door through which her father-in-law and husband left.

"I can't forget the truth even if I try a thousand times. Nobody knows the truth except for me. If both of you come to know it, I fear that you won't be able to handle it." Zhang Jei cried as she sat on the chair.

"Madam, don't cry," said Nanny Yun.

Nanny Yun had seen everything that happened in the dining room and came to Zhang Jie to console her. Nanny Yun was one old lady who served the Ming family since she was young and was close to Zhang Jie. Other than Zhang Jie, she was the only one who knew the truth of what caused the death of Ming Fangsu.

"Nanny Yun, what should I do? I am living with a huge burden on my chest. I did it to protect father, and I couldn't break the promise I made to Ming Fangsu. If it weren't for him, Ming Fangsu would be with us today. Why did he do that?" Zhang Jei's sobs grew harder.

Nanny Yun held her hand and said, "You did well. Elder master and young master should never know the truth, otherwise, nobody knows what will happen."

"I know, but I am afraid. Lord Buddha will never forgive me for my sin. I have kept two friends apart by hiding the truth from them. In the future, I will have to pay the price." Zhang Jei's tears showed her guilt and fear.

"Nothing will happen. It was Ming Fangsu's last wish to hide the truth, so don't blame yourself. It was necessary to protect this family from getting scattered," Nanny Yun said, patting the woman's head with motherly affection.

"I wasn't able to seek justice for her death because of my selfishness. It is why I am living in hell. Why did she make me promise? I can't die in peace with this burden." Zhang Jei said as she held Nanny Yun's hand tightly.

Ming Fangsu was the only daughter of Ming Shihong. She committed suicide the day after Lu Jinhai's wedding, twenty-eight years ago.

Elder Lu Huan and elder Ming Shihong were the best friends in the past. They were more like brothers than friends.

When Lu Jinhai came to the capital to fulfill his dreams, the elder Ming supported him with all his might as elder Ming was already a very successful businessman with a successfully established company.please visit panda-:)ɴᴏᴠᴇ1.co)m


Elder Ming treated Lu Jinhai as his son and guided him in his path of success. Lu Jinhai even stayed at his home until he arranged the place for himself to stay.

During Lu Jinhai's stay at the elder Ming's residence, he became a very good friend with his son Ming Yusheng and his daughter Ming Fangsu. Ming Yusheng was a few years older than Lu Jinhai, but they were like buddies and shared everything.

Lu Jinhai treated Ming Fangsu as his younger sister, just like Ming Yusheng did, but Ming Fangsu started to think of him as a man. Everyone was delighted to find out her intentions as they liked Lu Jinhai.

When Ming Fangsu confessed her love to Lu Jinhai, he told her he considered her as a younger sister and he already had someone he loved and would marry her soon.

Ming Fangsu was heartbroken, but she understood Lu Jinhai. She was a beautiful soul. Even though she was hurt by the rejection, she was happy for Lu Jinhai. The others grieved at the lost chance but understood that the matters of the heart can't be forced.

On the day of Lu Jinhai's wedding, the entire Ming family was present. Elder Ming was as happy as he was at his own son's wedding.

Though Ming Fangsu was hurt, she kept up appearances and showed only happiness on her face. She returned home early, excusing herself by saying that she didn't feel well.

Everything was good until the next morning when Ming Fangsu wasn't present at the dining table. Elder Ming asked the servant to call Ming Fangsu for the breakfast.

When the servant went to Ming Fangsu's room and knocked on the door, she got no reply. So, the servant entered the room but couldn't find Ming Fangsu there.

Thinking Ming Fangsu might be in the bathroom, the servant went towards the bathroom and was about to knock when she saw the door was slightly opened. She called for Ming Fangsu, but the other didn't reply. From the bathroom, she could hear the sound of overflowing water so she pushed the door open, feeling worried.

Entering inside, the servant saw the woman lying in the bathtub; the water dyed red. The servant screamed involuntarily and called the woman's name to no avail, but the other didn't reply. She could guess what had happened and ran outside to inform everyone.