30 Gift From A Brother..

At Jiang residence.

Jiang Yang and Jiang Yuyan were watching a movie after lunch.

"That was good!" He chuckled, excited at the action scenes in the movie.

"Yeah. These action sequences are comedic, and it's Jackie Chan's movie… it's bound to be entertaining," Jiang Yuyan commented with excitement that matched her brothers, praising her all-time favorite actor.

"This is the only thing we enjoy together. Otherwise, we are always bickering and annoying each other."

Both of them were hardcore fans of Jackie Chan and liked to watch his movies together. It didn't matter which film they watched as they had a full collection of his movies in their home in America.

"Don't start again. Let me enjoy the movie. It's the last fighting scene and the climax of the movie." Jiang Yuyan was completely immersed in the movie.

The two lazily lay on the sofa after watching the movie.

"Do you remember the time when we were kids and joined Kung fu classes after watching these movies?" Jiang Yang asked as he smiled with the memories from the old days.

"Yeah! We were crazy back then." She smiled, reminiscing.

"Indeed! Do you still remember how to fight?" he asked, sure that his sister had forgotten.

"As much as I remember to breathe," Jiang Yuyan replied proudly.

"It's been a long since you had beaten someone so I thought you forgot," he commented, looking at his sister.

"I don't like unnecessary violence," she was righteous in her words. There was a little arrogance about the way she said it.

"Yeah, you are right. Taking into account how often you get angry, I would have spent my time in the hospital treating patients you hurt." Jiang Yang winked at her.

"I don't do that anymore."

"I know, and I like this side of yours more."

"Huh! Me too," Agreeing, she asked, "By the way, when are you going to join the hospital, brother?"

"I'm supposed to join tomorrow, but I plan on extending it by a week so that I can enjoy the summer vacation," Jiang Yang, stretching his legs lazily and Jiang Yuyan hummed in response.

"What about you? When are you going to start college?" Jiang Yang asked.

"I'll let our parents decide. They must have everything figured out if they had called me back here," she replied, and the next moment both siblings heard a voice.

"You are right. This is for you."

That was their father, Jiang Peizhi, who walked out of his study with a white envelope in his hand. He handed it over to his daughter and sat on the sofa.

"What's this?" Jiang Yuyan asked when she received the envelope.

"These are the documents related to your admission to the Capital University of Business Management," their father said.

"One of the best universities in the country and across the world! Lucky," Jiang Yang whistled.please visit panda-:)ɴᴏᴠᴇ1.co)m

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"Not lucky. She deserved it," Jiang Peizhi said with pride.

"Yes, father! I forgot she has excellent grades," Jiang Yang said dotingly.

"The course will start from next month," Jiang Peizhi informed.

Jiang Yuyan muttered a quick okay.

"But the university is on the other side of the city. It will take two hours for her to travel to university from home and it will be very tiresome for her," Jiang Yang commented.

"That's why I plan on arranging her to stay in the university dormitory," their father said offhandedly.

"Then I'll be alone at home when the two of you go back to work!" Jiang Yang groaned. "I'll be so bored."

"But I'll be happy to get rid of you." Jiang Yuyan laughed in delight.

"Keep it with you and don't forget, we have to attend the anniversary celebration in the evening. Be ready at around six o'clock." Instructing, Jiang Peizhi left to go back to his study room.

"I'll keep it in my room." Saying Jiang, Yuyan went to her room upstairs.

Jiang Yuyan put the envelope in the cabinet's drawer and lay down on the bed. There was a gentle knock on the door before it slid open, revealing Jiang Yang with a shopping bag in his hand.

"Why did you come to my room? Let me rest for a while," Jiang Yuyan said when she saw her brother standing at the door and closed her eyes again.

"I have something for you," informing, Jiang Yang stepped towards the bed, and waved the shopping bag in front of her face.

"What's that?" Jiang Yuyan asked as she opened her eyes to look at the bag. "Wait! Those are the same shopping bags you—"

Before she could continue, her brother spoke. "Don't worry! There are no undergarments inside." He gave the bag to her.

Jiang Yuyan sat on the corner of the bed and pulled out a gift box from the bag. She opened it and saw there was a beautiful dress inside. A note dedicated to her lay inside it as well- 'For my lovely sister'.

As she took the dress out of the box, she noticed that it was the same one she had observed from the restaurant. She couldn't help but stare at her brother in wonder.

"Feeling overwhelmed?" he asked.

She nodded, and he continued.

"Well, you should. Do you know how much time I wasted on this? When I went to that shop, I thought, I'll be able to finish it in 15 minutes, but it took me thirty minutes just because of your cup size."

"Again?" She frowned but said nothing much as she was happy to receive the gift.

"Didn't I tell you that the dress would look good on a girl with better assets? The salesgirl took twenty minutes to search for it in your size."

"Don't lie. How could you guess the size just by looking at the dress?" she asked.

"I am a man, after all. One should have exceptional observation skills, as well." He winked at her.

She got up from the bed and walked towards her brother. "There is something on your head," she said, raising her hand and brushing on his hair.