Holistic Fantasy

Ruqing Rusu


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Holistic Fantasy novel is a popular light novel covering School Life, Comedy and Martial Arts genres. Written by the Author Ruqing Rusu.

Protagonist travels between different anime worlds to right wrongs and uncover his reason for being along the way.

Firepower: 2
Power: 0

Author's Novels

Summoner of Miracles


Talented in Magecraft but useless in physical combat? Can summon 10,000 Servants but can he defend the rear by himself? I will say just one line in reply: “That will not be a problem!” This is the tale of a young man who obtained an enshrined miracle. “As long as I have my familiars, I am undefeatable!”

Holistic Fantasy

School LifeComedyMartial ArtsAdventure

Protagonist travels between different anime worlds to right wrongs and uncover his reason for being along the way.

1. Karma = firepower value + power value. According to karma, the novel will have four update levels: A (0), S (300), SS (500), SSS (700).

2. The number of updated chapters depends on the level of karma. A (regular chapters), S (5-10 chapters ahead), SS (10-20 chapters ahead), SSS (no cap).

3. How to get Firepower:'Logged in user', access the details or chapters of the novel every day, the firepower value +1 [multiple visits in a single day are not superimposed] The displayed firepower value is the average of the past 7 days [for example, the number of daily visits for 7 consecutive days is 100 people, A total of 700 people. Then according to 700/7. Firepower value is 100. Daily Firepower value is updated at 0:00 EST, not real time increase or decrease]

4. How to get Power value: donate a cup of coffee = 10 power value [power value is cleared on the last day of each month].

5. When karma is reached. I will update the chapter as soon as possible. For example: [When the karma reaches 700 on the first day, after I update the chapter, the karma on the second day is reduced to 650. I will not stop updating. Once reached, it will last for a month, no worries.].

6. If you want this novel to have more karma. can be shared with more people. Have them come to PN to read. Thank you very much.

Ps: Please note that the 'buy a cup of coffee platform' will charge a payment fee. (I asked them about the specific fee: 2.9% + 30 cents fee for payment processing and it's dependent on currency rates for that day.) Also, please be sure to indicate which novel you are supporting when you donate.

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