2021-05-13 09:45:48
Dear Readers,
Panda Novel V2.0 focuses on user experience optimization processing, our website has reached an excellent level, Panda Novel platform will do its best to provide a good reading environment for every reader. We hope that you can find your favorite novels on the Panda Novel Platform, and stay on the website for a long time to dig and read your favorite novels, and feel the charm of these Oriental novels. At the same time, we sincerely hope that you can collect the panda novel website, and when you want to read the novel, you can find us in the first time. This update is as follows; 1. Personal center, so that each reader can use a unique portrait of a panda, and each user can improve their personal information. 2. Bookshelf function, so that each reader can read the novel and collect the novel, as well as pay attention to their own reading history. 3. Error reporting function. When you read each novel, you can send error alerts to the contents you find objectionable, and we will rectify the received contents in time. 4. Novel background page optimization, we provide several sets of novel background pages, to prevent you from feeling tired when reading, you can adjust the color background at will to protect your eyes. 5. Comment function, you can publish your understanding of the novel and some experience when reading the novel. 6. Login and registration. You can register your exclusive account on the Panda Novel platform, or log in with your Facebook account and Google email. 7. Novel update reminder. After the update of your collection of novels, it will be timely notified to the email address you filled in when registering or the third party login Google email and Facebook binding email. Subsequent updates are as follows; 1. Audio content will be released in the near future, please stay tuned. 2. The multi-language version will be released in the near future, please stay tuned. Regards. - Panda Novel Development Team / info@panda-novel.com