2022-04-19 23:37:32
Dear Readers,
1. About Comments After the current comment is published, it will not be displayed in the release area and personal center immediately. It will be reviewed within 24 hours and will be displayed after the review is approved. But please rest assured, we can see every comment you make, and there is no need to repeat it release. Note: We are developing an automatic review system. Except for the controversial comment content, which will enter the manual review process, all others will be displayed at the first time. So please continue to comment your favorite books. 2. Chapters about new book uploads and faster At present, we are also developing two systems simultaneously, namely the new book recommendation system and the update and upgrade system. Remarks: The two systems will adopt a voting system. When readers enter the basic information of the book, the book information will be displayed in the list of the new book recommendation system, and it will be visible to all users, and each user will have the right to vote on it (recommended votes each logged-in user has one per month), we will conduct a comprehensive survey of each book, and the top ten will be put on the shelves every week. The update and upgrade system is based on reading volume and voting (chapter upgrade tickets, each logged-in user has one per month ), The top five are upgraded every week. 3. About others At present, we are also optimizing the applicability of the night mode, as well as the components when reading chapters, adding a variety of fonts and a better way to select chapters. In addition, an audio reading system is also planned, which will serve you when it is not convenient for you to view the text. Thanks for the support. Development Team / info@panda-novel.com