2022-06-02 04:10:18
Dear Readers,
Fixed some issues 1. Solved the problem that the white screen of the jump page and the comment content cannot be seen in dark mode 2. Fix the problem that the number of replies displayed under the main comment on the mobile terminal 3. When the chapter is the last chapter, the next chapter button is grayed out 4. The Reply to Comment button is marked red. The above has been updated and you can experience it after clearing your browser cookies. Update preview next week 1. Add comment area to chapter content page 2. An update reminder button has been added to the comment area of ​​the details page. User clicks Push Admin Update. Updated chapter reviews and new book release reviews. will not be released. 3. The main navigation adds a new comment center entry, and a new comment notification function. You can view personal comments and others reply comments, which is convenient for users to discuss novel content in a timely manner. 4. Refactor the reading component 5. Cancel the e-mail notification function of book update, change it to on-site reminder after the bookshelf is updated, and mark it with a red dot to expand the capacity of the bookshelf. 6. Added new book recommendation entry.