2022-10-06 04:53:56
Dear Readers,
We made a website update 1. According to the suggestions of users, we have stripped the scoring function of the novel details page and created a new scoring section independently. 2. Scoring module Each user can only rate a novel once. 3. At the same time, the function of chapter selection is also stripped, and you can jump to the function page at any time through the plug-in in the chapter. 4. Add tts voice reading function 5. Add announcement comments 6. Increase the number of user likes 7. In order to expose some excellent novels with potential low karma, the "lucky" function has been added. It is activated automatically by the system without human intervention. Once selected, a value greater than the current karma will be randomly assigned (the original karma value will be crossed out), and the updater will update the novel according to the new karma. 8. A score list and a karma list have been added to the Twelve Novel Recommendation List. 9. Fixed some adaptation issues in dark mode. ps: There are still some details that are being fixed. If you have additional questions or suggestions, please contact us via bulletin comments or email. Thanks for your support.