2023-02-08 12:31:09
Dear Readers,
The website update has been completed, please clear the browser cache (within 24 hours) to access normally. Otherwise it may redirect to our data backup site. The updated list is as follows: 1. Increase the library capacity, 12*6 (Because the novel update notification function consumes more hardware resources, it is enabled according to the user's identity, and the most basic 24 remain unchanged.) 2. The novel details page adds the function of continuing reading. 3. Content page rendering speed optimization. 4. The app download permission has been released, and any user can go to the personal center to apply for download. Known issues after the update: the reading progress of novels in the mobile library is not displayed (solved within 12 hours) A large number of new website features and detail optimizations are under development. APP known problem: Android Google authorized login is not available (solved within 36 hours) Functions in APP development: 1. Download and read offline 2. TTS voice setting thank you for your support.