2023-02-28 10:40:14
Dear Readers,
We've made some important changes to 'karma'. The method of directly adding "power" in the novel by the administrator is changed to: "power" is stored in the reader's PN registered account for the reader's own use(This change is used to support the following ideas). Idea: We found that the use of the causal system is not popular enough, resulting in some novels requiring readers to add extra 'power', but often causing 'generous readers' to pay too much, even more than going to 'xx', which is unreasonable, so We decided to reduce the cost of 'generous readers'. Original: Increased power, 1:10. Becomes: Increase Power, 1:10 for regular readers, 1:15 for VIP readers, 1:20 for SVIP readers. Also, when a reader adds "powers" to a novel, but the novel does not progress enough to qualify for an updated grade (A-S, S-SS, SS-SSS). In order to avoid wasting money, at the end of the month, this part of "power" will be returned to the reader's PN registered account, which can be used next time. Above, the update has been completed, you can see the 'power' you have when you are in the personal center or using 'power'. Below are some other changes that have also been updated. 1.When collecting novels into the library, you can choose the book folder. 2.You can edit or delete the comments you have posted in each comment area (If you accidentally spoil, please use Edit to add spoilers). 3.The page turning function of the left and right arrows has been added on the PC side (There is a 3second interval). 4.Optimized the page access speed of 'logged in users'. 5.The personal center has added vip detailed introduction, including the newly added new services. 6.and some other changes (can't remember exactly). That's all for this update. Next, I'll be working on a new page for the fiction tag filter, and I'll spend time fixing issues with the app and making some optimizations. If you have any other questions, please contact me via email or comment. Thanks.