2023-04-12 07:44:09
Dear Readers,
From now on, the "Privilege" chapter of the S-SSS novel will stop updating, and will continue to be released after entering the "regular" chapter, and will continue to update the progress of the "regular" chapter. Since yesterday, that is, April 11, the update source of the novel has been upgraded, resulting in problems with the long-used "Privilege" chapter update. After the problem occurred, we spent several times the cost to temporarily fix it. As of now, after about 20 hours of testing, the problem reappears. after research, we have decided to discontinue this service indefinitely. In addition, the novel cause and effect module will be canceled (since all novels on this site will maintain the same update frequency, so there is no difference), and the requirements for new novels will be relaxed at the same time. In view of the above, considering the users who have used "power" on the novel this month, we will refund the "power" you used, and calculate 'used this month' + 'remaining in PN account', to 60" Power " = 30 days "vip" exchange compensation. At the end of writing, we will also update the "regular" chapters at the fastest speed in the industry, so next we will focus on the "regular" update speed of all novels and the optimization of the website experience. (We'll let you know when the "Privilege" update is fully resolved.) Thank you for your support.