About The Author :invayne, a writer of online novels. representative works include Soul Fusion Online

Number Of Novels : 5
  • Reborn As A Dragon Girl With A System

    Orphaned at the mere age of seven and thrown out on the streets with no place to go. Kana lived the life of a street rat. She did what she could to survive from digging through the trash and stealing what she could. But even after almost ten years of surviving, her life still ended short. Holding her head feeling slightly dizzy, her lips slowly curled up into a sinister-looking smile as she let out a laugh. “Maybe someone was listening to me after all! I do not know which god heard my last dying wish, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I, Nagano Kana, owe you a debt of gratitude.” In a new world, reborn as a dragon, Kana will begin her new journey. She will experience many things along her path as she struggles to grow stronger to evolve and survive in this new world. “That’s another one!” Kana spun around in a circle, put her left paw on her hip, and gave a V sign with her right claws while winking… It was a strange pose indeed.

  • RE: My Dragon Girlfriend In The Dragonic Apocalypse

    An invasion like no other. Dragons destroying everything in sight. A new world rising from the ashes. Blake lived through it all before he died, but now he was back, back to the time before things had ever happened. A strange place with a strange girl.... Blake had no idea how it happened, but he suddenly had one of the enemies of mankind, a dragon girl, as his girlfriend.

  • Reborn: I'm A Dragon Girl With An OP System

    Died while saving her friend, reborn into a world much different than her last, Faith must begin a new life as a dragon girl and face the hardships of the reality of this new world. With a mysterious system that enables her to grow stronger, Faith must cut out a path for herself as she journeys and discovers the wonders of this place she now calls home.

  • Alantina Online: The Greatest Sword Mage Reborn As A Weak NPC

    Vance is a young man who worked hard to bring his Sword Mage to the top to become one of the best players in all of Alantina Online. While trying to solo the final boss, Vance dies and wakes up not at a spawn point but in an old rustic room? "Hmmm? Where is the logout button? No, wait! What happened to my level!?" With no idea how things turned out the way they did. Vance must start out from the beginning as the weakest NPC to find out why he was suddenly sucked into the game. All while surviving in a game that has become more real than the real world itself.

  • Soul Fusion Online

    Down and out of luck, Yuki was. She was fired from her job and needed to find money to pay rent for her low income housing. The only saving grace was a news report she saw. Soul Fusion Online: a vrmmo taking the world by storm. A place where players can turn in game money into cash in the real world. A living world where even the NPCs are as real as anyone you would meet on the city streets. A game with cultivation and leveling mixed together. After creating a male character to play the game with, Yuki begins her journey on her path to becoming a legendary figure in the gaming world. Meeting new friends along her journey, she slowly begins to come out of her shell and loner life, both in game and real life.