About The Author :Magecrafter, a writer of online novels. representative works include SPELLCRAFT: Reincarnation Of A Magic Scholar

Number Of Novels : 4
  • SPELLCRAFT: Reincarnation Of A Magic Scholar

    Lewis Griffith loved magic ever since he was little, dreaming of the day when he would awaken and become a great 'Mage'. However, this dream is shattered upon the discovery that he was inept, unable to form a mana core, and ever utilize magic. Still, due to his outstanding dedication to the art, he studied magic and developed countless theories and schools. His unique concept revolutionized magic in the world, making him one of the most renowned scholars in history. Surprisingly, he reincarnates after several centuries have passed since his death, once again thrust into the world of magic. Will his second time be different? Or will he be the same Magic theorist he was in the past? The tale of Jared Leonard, formerly known as the Great Sage of Magic, is just beginning.

  • Rise Of The Hoarder

    On Christmas day, seemingly overnight, God summoned everyone on Earth, giving every single person a 'Gift' along with a System. These Gifts, synonimous with special abilities granted people powers beyond comprehension. However, with these abilities came tragedy that enveloped the world. The Apocalypse! Jeremy Lewis, a reclusive loner, is mysteriously exempt from this phenomenon and finds himself being the only one without a Gift. God decides to grant him the last Gift available, [Subspace], and forcefully returns him to a world that has become hell. Horrifying monsters now lurk around every corner, and inevitable death awaits. Arming himself with his wits and the Gift he possesses, how will Jeremy survive this cruel new world that he finds himself in? "Everything will go according to plan, and ultimately the path I have started will lead to my victory... these tools will be useful in achieving that!"

  • I'm Actually Not Overpowered!

    Getting caught up in another world, especially the same kind as your favorite Novel, sounds all fun and sweet... … Until it's not! As an avid Weeb, this wasn't how Samuel expected his Transmigrated life to turn out. Completely removed from the comfortable life he once knew, this ‘modern guy' finds himself in a fantasy world that is in polar contrast with what he had imagined. His mission? Kill the Demon God and bring the world to peace! It sounds so easy, right? Too bad his new life isn't as grand as he expected. 'Now that it has come to this, there's only one thing left to do...' Gather as many allies as he can on his grand quest. "I'm not Overpowered, but... no one has to know that, right?" Watch as Samuel Peterson, a seemingly ordinary guy, overcomes his tribulation in a place where everyone relies on him and actually believes he is their only hope. An epic Kingdombuilding Misunderstanding Story awaits you!

  • Ascension Of The Failed Mage

    Noir is a failed experiment, made to be the perfect weapon of war. However, unlike the other successful projects, he has a special ability that allows him to negate Magic. [Bloodline Magic: Null] He defects from the Empire and takes on an identity as a peddler, only for trouble to find him many years later. After saving the daughter of a Duke, his past returns to haunt him once more. Noir must now fight back; defending the new life he is making for himself while preparing for an inevitable conflict with the Empire he left. Confronted with his former comrades who have phenomenally powerful abilities that defy the very concept of Magic, this Failed Mage must use everything at his disposal to win. Bloodline Magic [Null] Artificial Magic [Code] And every other skill at his disposal. How will Noir fend off the emerging forces that threaten his peace... and ultimately that of the world? "I will protect you. I won't let them hurt anyone or anything I love!"